Home decor collection for MOOUI


When creating this, ‘We Are Women’ homedecor collection for one of my favourite brands MOOUI, I was unfamiliar with a few of the famous females. That’s what is great about my job, being able to discover new things and in this case, important female role models!

I was asked to draw ten significant women as though they were children. They are (in alphabetical order): Aretha Franklyn, Cecilia Meireles, Cleopatra, Freda Kahlo, Harriet Tubman, Lina Bo Bardi, Malala Yousafzai, Marie Curie, Tarsila do Amaral and Yayoi Kusama. Drawing people is a little outside my comfort zone, although these were pretty fun to do!

What I loved about this project was the selection of female role models the children could aspire to. All of these ladies helped to make the world a better place, whether that be in science, writing, education activism, art & music. These positive female role models may motivate and help children discover and develop their true potential.

These are photos of the homedecor collection.

Home decor collection for MOOUI


My favourite women to draw were Cleopatra and Aretha Franklin. I find them both fascinating as women and I loved their outfits too! Do you have a favourite?

By the way, I’d like to mention that I wasn’t one of the three winners selected for the Gorman Clothing competition, although I loved the winning entries. Well done to the three lucky winners! I’m also looking forward to seeing how their designs look on garments.


Stay safe, Emma Jayne x


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