Illustrated artworks in my etsy shop



I have two new illustrated artworks in my etsy shop. These two designs have been pretty popular on social media and so I’ve decided to add them to my shop. They are available to buy as A3 prints.

The first one is an enormous blue whale, which is just under the surface of the sea. I wanted this design to have some impact and to tell a story, with the ships sailing on the ocean bed, not knowing what lies beneath! This is how I feel sometimes about the ocean. If we are sitting on a boat or looking at the sea whilst on land, we only see the surface, yet there’s another world underneath. There are many different types of sea life, some small yet some are huge.ย The second illustrates different cargo and sailing ships in a harbour.

Illustrated artworks in my etsy shop

Blue Whale



These designs were based from my drawings produced for the 100 day project. You can see what I’ve produced in a previous blog post and follow my progress on instagram.

Emma Jayne x


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