Illustrated orange poppy seed cupcake recipe




Spring is finally here and, as part of week five on the Rise Design and Shine course, we were asked to illustrate a recipe to celebrate this pretty season. The recipe is for They Draw And Cook.

I adore the warm colours of spring, and how nature’s creations wake up. It is lovely to see newly grown flowers and bees buzzing around the garden. Yes! I’ve seen a few bumble bees already. I have produced an illustrated, orange poppy seed cupcake recipe, which I saw on Martha Stewart’s blog. However, Martha’s has used buttercream poppies in her recipe, whereas I liked the idea of scattering edible flowers on my cupcakes. Here is my final illustrated double-page spread.

Illustrated orange poppy seed cupcake recipe


I wanted to emphasise the citrus orange flavour and the celebration of spring, especially after the miserable ‘grey’ winter period! Can you tell I’m not that keen on the cold winter season?

You can see the final, illustrated orange poppy seed cupcake recipe on They Draw And Cook website.

I’ve even baked the cupcakes, and oh my!, they are super delicious!



I love the orange flavour and poppy seed texture combination; they’re so yummy!! The pretty edible flowers make for great decoration.

When making my cupcakes, I decided to replace sugar with sweetener, and whole cow’s milk with almond milk, as a healthier option. I like to avoid calories wherever I can. That helps me avoid feeling guilty when eating them!  Altogether, this recipe makes 19 or 20 mini cupcakes. If you want to use larger cake cases, then you might get 10 to 12 from the cupcake mixture. I will try that, next time I make them.


Happy spring and enjoy your orange poppy seed cupcakes!

Emma Jayne x



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  1. MaryJane Mitchell Says:

    Dear Emma Jayne,
    I love your blog and your new design for They Draw and Cook. Great job. MaryJane

  2. Emma Jayne Designs Says:

    Hi MaryJane
    Thank you for liking my blog and my recipe illustration.
    Hope you’re having a good day!
    Emma Jayne 🙂

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