Inspirational Designers



At the moment, I am creating stationery designs for emmajayne-designs. I have always wanted to design my own notebooks, postcards, and everything stationery related. So recently, I have been obsessed with surface pattern design and have seen that there is such a wide range of talent out there; I’m telling you!

I’m very excited to be able to share with you a few of my current, favourite inspirational designers. One of them is graphic designer Peter Saville. His work is so cool and it’s hard to imagine that his most famous work was created in the 1970s and 1980s!  They haven’t aged at all!!  A surface pattern designer whose work reminds me of the 1980s, is Esther Cox.  Her patterns and illustrations are simply outstanding!

Rhianna Ellington’s textile patterns are totally gorgeous. Her designs look great on fashion fabrics. Last but definitely not least, Susan Driscoll has a more illustrated style and her floral patterns & illustrations are so pretty!

These are all the styles that I favour; abstract, graphical, retro-inspired and illustrative.  Such a perfect combination! 🙂


Inspirational Designers

Peter Saville


I remember dancing at the under sixteen discos, to songs by Joy Division when I was a teenager (sorry Peter, I’m giving your age away!).  Blue Monday was, and actually still is one of my favourite tunes. When looking at the album cover and other sleeves by Peter Saville, you wouldn’t think they were created during the 70s & 80s, would you?  Compare them to designs of today and you’ll easily see that they are such classic designs and way ahead of their time.  His patterns and graphic work hasn’t aged at all, unlike we disco-goers!  If you’d like to find out more (and I really recommend that you do), click here.


Peter Saville is an art director for Manchester and a graphic designer. He’s more well known for designing record sleeves for Factory Records (Joy Division, Suede and Pulp, for example). From observing his work, you can see that he likes shapes, line and colour.



Esther Cox


Esther Cox is a surface pattern designer. Her designs are very abstract and I love how she mixes colour with black & white. There are lots of contrasts in her patterns, as well as texture and shapes. Esther’s work has a graphic and collage feel.



Here are more examples of Esther’s illustrations for magazines. You can see more of Esther’s fabulous work here.




Rhianna Ellington


Rhianna Ellington is a textile and surface pattern designer. She graduated in 2013 from Leeds College of Art. So far, Rhianna has managed to get her prints on fashion fabrics for TopShop, ASOS and Urban Outfitters.

I love the bold photographic patterns and her sense of colour. Rhianna uses digital media to manipulate natural history and botanical images within her patterns. You can see more of her work here.


Susan Driscoll


Susan Driscoll has such a pretty style. Her silhouette florals are solid, with textural brush strokes around the edges. I love how Susan combines these shapes with dots and lines and how the illustrations have a retro feel. Even though Susan’s illustration are a little more traditional, they would fit well within a contemporary setting.



This collection is from The Print Tree. You can check them out here.

(all of the images above are copyright of their respective designers)


Emma Jayne x