Inspiring artist




Have you ever been totally excited on first seeing an artist’s painting? I came across Jessie Breakwell when browsing on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with her work. Jessie Breakwell is such an inspiring artist, don’t you think?

What attracted me to her beautiful paintings was her use of colours and subject matter. Even though all that I have seen of Jessie Breakwell’s work is fantastic, I must say that I favour the zoo animals pieces the most. They have a magical, child-like quality and quirkiness about them and I love the fluidity and pattern details which she adds to her flamingos, elephants, owls and zebras, to name a few. Jessie’s animals are based on people. She infuses human characteristics into them as she paints. I also love her layering of colours. Through each layer, you can see other colours and imges, including the ink drips.  For me, all of these things create such eye-catching masterpieces!


Inspiring artist


Image taken from The English Room

Jessie Breakwell studied fine art and painting at the The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Creativity must run in the family and Jessie most definitely gets some inspiration from her mother, who is an interior decorator. She currently runs her own gallery in South Yarra, where she is in full control, managing her own promotion. Check out Jessie Breakwell’s website to see more of her other work.

This is just a small selection, but take a look at some of the art work Jessie has produced. It was difficult to decide on which you show you, however these are just some of my favourites:









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