Iron on tee shirt transfer




Iron on tee shirt transfer

Woo-hoo!!  I found these gorgeous, iron on tee shirt transfers in a book store.  The good thing, is that you can create different compositions.  I love how you are able to iron these designs onto virtually anything made from fabric; bag, pencil case, jackets, pillow cases etc.  They are fantastic!

The book is by illustrator Mike Perry and I bought my version from my local Waterstones book shop.  As you can see on his web site,, his work is extremely eye-catching.  I am drawn to his use of vibrant colours, shapes and drawing style.

With these iron on transfers, you will be able to create your own, one of a kind tee shirts.  All you will need is an iron, a steady hand, a cotton tee shirt and a flat, hard surface.  The book recommends that you shouldn’t use an ironing board or a rough surface because the bumps and ridges will adversely affect the quality of the transfer.


IRON ME ON by Mike Perry



When preparing for your iron on tee shirt design, I think it’s essential to get your design right. I tend to do a few sketches to create different compositions. By doing this, it will help establish the right look and to limit mistakes during the transfer process. I picked out some of my favourite images from the book and did some initial designs in pencil and black pen.





Once you’re happy with a design, the next step is to first iron out any creases from your tee shirt, then cut out the images and apply them according to your design.  Have the images facing downwards and the paper backing facing upwards.



Using a high-quality iron, make sure that the steam setting is off and remove any water from the iron’s reservoir.  It is important to make sure that it is completely empty.  Lay your iron down on the centre of your transfer and apply light and even pressure.  Move your iron over the transfer in slow circular movements.  The transfer should start straight away, as the glue begins to merge with the fabric.

The entire process should take roughly two minutes, depending on the heat of your iron and the quality of the tee shirt.  I find that the back of the transfer changes colour slightly (towards yellow).  Too much time under the iron can burn and crack the transfer, and too little will make it difficult to remove.

Once the transfer feels like it’s attached itself to the tee shirt, remove the iron and let it cool ever so slightly (for about three seconds).  Then, slowly peel the transfer away, and your done!  Enjoy your creation!


The result looks good right?  Hmm.. I am not totally happy with my design.  It feels a bit unfinished, like something is missing.  I think it is in need of a bit more colour.



That’s much better!  My original design lacked some contrast, so I added a yellow sun and a violet heart.  I must say that I’m pretty pleased with the finished result.

* When washing and caring for your iron on tee shirt, turn the garment inside out and wash it on a gentle cycle, using colour-safe washing powder.  Then, air dry or alternatively, run through a dryer on low heat.


Mike Perry’s IRON ME ON fabric transfers is a fabulous purchase, and I would definitely recommend buying it.  Does it inspire you to create your very own one of a kind tee shirt design?


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  1. Beak Up Crafts Says:

    These are really cool! Love the finished look – so bright and colourful and totally unique! x

  2. Emma Jayne Designs Says:

    Thank you! The transfers are so easy to apply and they come in sheets, so you can just cut each design out and create your own composition. I’m planning on using other items such as pencil cases and fabric bags next.

    Have a great weekend!

    Emma Jayne x

  3. CreativePaperCo Says:

    Using IRON ON T-SHIRT using transfer is kind of thing on which you can add any of the picture any text. whatever you want.

  4. Emma Jayne Designs Says:

    Exactly! You can make the design your own by mixing different images & text together.

    Emma Jayne x

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