Loving creating portraits



The FolioFocus course is nearly at an end and for this week’s assignment, we’ve been drawing woodland creatures. I’ll show you what I’ve created in my next blog post, yet I’d like to share with you a new design which I did last week. If you follow my blog, you’ll notice that I drew an older female lady and my daughter Yasmin. This assignment was all about faces.

I’m loving creating portraits and decided to draw my partner Neil. At the moment he has quite a bit of facial hair and in this portrait, he has a bit of stubble (just a few teeny sprouts above his top lip and on his chin). If I recall rightly, this is what Neil looked like just over twelve months ago. You definitely wouldn’t recognise him now!

In a few weeks time, I’d like to draw my own portrait. Then I’ll have all three of us, which I’m thinking of framing and positioning these family portraits in the livingroom. I just need to find a good photo of myself, perhaps a more recent one would be best.

Loving creating portraits

So tah dah… here is a portrait of my partner Neil! I’ve applied a few abstract shapes on the red jacket, keeping in with the geometric patterns with the existing artwork. I hope you like!




There’s more tonal work in this portrait (shading and highlights) and I’ve added a positive message too, ‘Find Joy In Everyday’.


Have a great week and keep smiling!  😛

Emma Jayne x