Mini break to Bath



It’s been nearly one week, and I’m still thinking about my time in Bath. Neil and I went for a few days last week and even though we were only there for four days, it felt as though we were there much longer. We spent every day visiting places and I have to say, we fell in love with Bath! I do like other cities, such as Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge and York, but Bath is definitely my favourite so far. It is steeped in history. The stone architecture is stunning and there is a plethora of quirky cafés.

On the second day of our mini break to Bath, we travelled into the city centre, where we looked around The Jane Austen Centre. I stood next to a life-sized mannequin of Jane Austen.  As there are so few images of her in existence, forensic artists recreated her likeness from what evidence has been found.  It is thought to be a close match to what she would really have looked like. Apparently she was pretty tall for a lady of that period. We also tried writing with a feathered quill pen. It’s not that easy to begin with; more difficult than you’d think, but fun to try!

I loved looking at the shops and viewing the amazing detailing in the architecture. One store that I love (I have only seen their items on-line) is Anthropologie. Their clothes are beautiful and I did happen to buy some Sissinghurst Castle crockery and a Climbing Rose tea towel, which will look perfect when we decorate our kitchen (hopefully some time in October).

A must-visit if you haven’t been there, are the Roman Baths. I was totally suprised about how much you get to see and learn. It’s amazing how much is preserved and protected, such as the pavements, stone artefacts and the hot water spring. I put my hand in one of the streams to feel the spring water (oops, you aren’t meant to, but nobody saw me!) and it was lovely and warm!

Here are some photos of my time in Bath.

Mini break in Bath


The beautiful hotel we stayed in – Rudloe Arms



The Cathedral and its stunning, architectural detailing. Also, look at the blue sky! We were blessed with good weather.



Look at all of the craftsmanship!



Outside the Cathedral entrance.



Inside the Roman Baths.



This Roman fella was pretty tall!



Loopy Tom didn’t sound loopy! It looks like he’s doing quite well selling his albums.



We stopped for a bit of lunch in this cafe. It’s called Picnic Coffee.



So many pretty window displays. Loving the tropical leaf wallpaper!



If you haven’t already noticed, I love pattern. Just look at the beautiful textiles and crockery! These are from Anthropologie.



Another beautiful cup from Anthropologie.



Me attempting some writing with the feathered quill pen at The Jane Austen Centre. I’ve not done too bad have I?



With all of that sightseeing, it was nice to sit down and with a cream scone and pot of English tea.


After looking at the photos I’ve taken, I’m thinking about my next mini break. Hopefully soon….and where do I fancy going? Mmmmmm………

Have you been to Bath and what are your favourite memories?



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  1. Katrina Sophia Says:

    I have been to Bath few times and I really enjoyed going to the baths and learning about them!

    Katrina Sophia

  2. Emma Jayne Designs Says:

    Hi Katrina

    The Roman Baths are amazing and there is so much to learn, don’t you think?! I definitely need to go again, which is a good enough excuse to visit Bath for another time!!

    Emma Jayne x

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