Mixed media floral collection



Well, I’m past half way, but I have slipped a little with the 100 day project! I think I’m actually now on day 54, and that puts me 4 days behind. Oh well, there are only a few more to create and I’m sure I’ll catch up soon!

For my 100 day challenge, I decided to do 100 days of mixed media. I have, however, realised from drawing everyday, that I love producing flowers. Using a range of different materials, I’ve created a mixed media floral collection. I used some flowers which I lino printed a few weeks ago, along with new, watercolour and gouache floral drawings. I then combined these and created different compositions in Photoshop. I love experimenting with mixing older and recent pieces of artwork.  This way of working has been of benefit to me, not least for the 100 day challenge.

Here are just some of my latest illustrations/ patterns that I have selected from my 100 day project. They actually do look like they belong together as part of a collection! You can see more on my instagram feed.

Mixed media floral collection



Next, for the 100 day project, I fancy having a go at creating animals. It will be interesting to see whether I’ll return to drawing flowers again. You’ll just have to watch this space!


Emma Jayne x