NEC Birmingham Spring Fair 2017



NEC Birmingham Spring Fair 2017

What a busy few days I’ve had! At the end of last week, both Jenna (also a designer) and myself went down to NEC Birmingham to set up Deva Designs, new Spring and Summer range. It had taken us two days to hang wrapping papers, gift bags and much more, for Sunday 5th February’s opening. I was exhausted after we left. Thank god it was a Friday!

The people who were setting up their stands at the NEC were all super focused and from what I saw, their stalls looked professional and amazing. So did Deva‘s stand I have to say!

We started off with just white walls and ended up with a magnificent display of gift merchandise. I was pretty much new to setting up a stand on this kind of scale, yet got the hang of it after watching how Jenna transformed a few items into something spectacular. Even more, I was excited to see my designs on display at the NEC Birmingham Spring Fair 2017.


What we started with – white walls.

What one of the finished walls looked like. This one displays children’s and wedding gift wrap and accessories. I have ten designs within these two genres.

Here are two of my wedding gift wrap designs. These are the pink hearts and the coral floral designs. Both have a lovely gold foil finish.

Here are two matching wedding, coral floral gift bags.

Both silver, foil floral wrapping papers are my designs. The top gift wrap is lace inspired and the second from the bottom is a linear floral design. I love how the foil finish really makes the designs ‘pop’.

The top four gift wraps are my children’s designs. As you can see on the right hand side, the pink patchwork design comes in roll wrap too. The blue patchwork design is also available in roll wrap.

Here are matching, pink and blue patchwork gift bags. The bottom pink and blue baby bags are so adorable. I love the typography and clouds. They’re so simple in design, contemporary and have a beautiful foil finish.

I’d like to mention that I designed a few decals for Deva’s ‘Kitted Out’ range. These consist of embroidered pieces for photo albums, keepsakes and other memorabilia gifts. Out of all of the decall I created, I have to say that my favourites are the wedding swans and pretty baby mobile design, seen above.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing my designs in the shops and I wonder which of these they will be! I’ll just have to be patient.


Emma Jayne x