New prints in the etsy shop


I’m nearly three quarters of the way through the 100 day project and after all the positive feedback and enquiries about my recent artwork, I have decided to add new prints in my etsy shop! These are a mixture of both my own favourites and those which people on social media have asked for.

Altogether, there are nine ocean themed pieces. I have a few more designs which will be added to my shop very soon. If you haven’t already been following my progress, you can see my illustrations on instagram.

New prints in the etsy shop

The following prints are available in square format and they come in small and large sizes:

Whale and ship

Sea mammals and ships

Butterfly fish

Square format again but in small only (for now)



These are available as A4 prints:

Sea creatures

Sea life

Busy ocean

‘Love our beautiful ocean’


I do hope you like them!

It’s funny to think that before starting the 100 day project, I was very wary of the ocean and what lies beneath. Jaws, the movie, contributed towards these thoughts and most probably to the fears of a lot of other people who watched it, in the 1970s!

Whilst researching, I discovered lots of different types of sea-life species and not too many of them are harmful to humans. I’ve spoken to people who dive as a hobby and they have swum with sharks, stingrays and whales. I was really fascinated by their stories, for example. learning that stingrays like the feel of bubbles on their bellies, and that most sharks are just curious, as we would be with any creature that were to approach us. Although we do see evidence of shark attacks on the news, so it does happen from time to time. I think it’s best to say that you need to know which sea animals are likely to attack and it is useful to know what to do if you came across one in the ocean – if you do go in the sea that is. 😀


*Please notify and/or credit the designer Emma Jayne, if you want to share any artwork on this blog post. Thank you!

Emma Jayne x



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