Orange is the new black



Well, what a busy week I’ve had! I’m balancing quite a few projects at the moment, hence my only putting up only one new blog post each week. Besides my daily design job, I’ve been creating new artwork for the on-line art course (MATS), which will finish soon. So, things should go back to normal after this, and I will increase the frequency of posting. I’m really excited to show you what I’ve been producing on the course, and I promise that I will do that soon!

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you some gorgeous, orange items that I’ve had my eye on. Perhaps I could buy these for Christmas presents, or just treat myself! After all, I have been super busy lately, and deserve it!

Orange is such an amazing, vibrant colour. When adding hints of orange, it can jazz up any neutral shade, whether this be for an interior space, a fashion look or design. I’d say that orange is the new black. Would you agree?

Orange is the new black



From top left to bottom right-


Emma Jayne x


2 Responses to “Orange is the new black”

  1. Anice Smith Says:

    Love the items you chose. I’m not a huge fan of orange, but this post made it look really good.

    Either way, lovely blog.

    I’ve just started mine. Hope it turns out as amazing as yours.

  2. Emma Jayne Designs Says:

    Hi Anice!

    Orange is such a undervalued colour don’t you think? If choosing the right type of orange and where you will use it, the end result can look fabulolus! There are so many lovely orange accessories out there and personally, I do think that orange has more personality than black.

    Good luck with your blog and thank you for liking mine. I’ll be checking it out!!

    Emma Jayne x

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