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Alice in Wonderland

Even though I got married in October 2013, I still love weddings; the romance, dresses, church and venue decoration, flowers, cakes and in particular, wedding stationery! I cannot put my finger directly onto why I find stationery appealing, other than that I love all the variety of designs, colours, graphics, typography, illustration, card shapes, themes etc….

I get regular emails from wedding blogs, such as Wedding Chicks and Snippet and Ink. They display real life wedding photographs and give you inspiration for your own wedding.

You can get really creative with weddings and there are so many themes to choose from, for example; Las Vegas, seaside, The Great Gatsby to summer floral. For my wedding, my husband and I chose a theme that was personal to us – Alice in Wonderland. We have both enjoyed both films (by Disney and Tim Burton) and have read the book. Deep down I think it is also part of each of our childhoods, reading fantasy stories and enjoying looking at John Tenniel’s illustrations. To add to this, we wanted a fun theme that would appeal to our adult and child guests.

Alice in Wonderland wedding stationery collection

A.I.W.Complete stationery range





I wanted my designs to have a ‘taste’ of Alice in Wonderland, using the rabbit character, heart icon and the queen’s crown only. Thus concentrating on the end purpose, that is for a romantic, informal wedding and not a fancy dress party!

I selected a ‘hand-drawn look’ font and chose colours that were a close match to my husband’s kilt, made in his family tartan. I also kept the images and text centre aligned (seems to be popular in wedding stationery) and added a chequered pattern on the reverse of the daytime and RSVP cards.

For the reception, I designed a seating plan and coordinating table character cards. The tables and decor were styled in Alice in Wonderland too. The overall effect was colourful and fun.


Seating plan,wedding cake and reception venue decorations

Seating plan




Top table


Other Alice in Wonderland ‘Tea Party’ invitations that I have found and liked, by Jag Nagra of Page 84 design




The cerise pink and gold colour scheme together with the type lock-ups really piqued my interest. They stand out very well against the clean white background. In addition, the way that the text and imagery fit tightly together create a visually satisfying composition and capture the fun and crazy element of the story.







Graphic Design



Industry Report

Recently, I have been working on an industry report for a PR company and I have shown below, a range of pages below showing different elements from that report. These include; front cover, contents page, small diagrams, full page image, page numbers and text on a coloured background. The pages are a mixture of the client’s finished report and a couple of idea pages – front cover and full page image.

I took inspiration from a couple of sources, Behance and Designspiration, which I refer to a lot, to see a range of other designers’ work.

The client has strict brand-guidelines, which must be adhered to. For example, the colour palette consists of a combination of a lime green and primary red, along with more conservative colours i.e. grey and navy blue. This helps the consumer to enjoy reading the report, yet to keep in context that it is a professional, industry document. The client also wanted the text to be small (11pt) and justified so the outer margins looked neat.

The headings are centre aligned and the subheadings are left aligned. I added a rectangular red line near the footer, above each page number, which is used in the client’s logo. Positioned underneath each line and above the page number is the report title. All of these elements are centre aligned and balance with the headings.

As the report has a medical theme, I wanted the document to feel fresh, clean and clinical. I used lots of white space and the images have pale greens and blues in them. In contrast, I used black helvetica type, large headings and bold coloured shapes.

I did find displaying all the contributor’s logos a bit of a challenge on the front cover, because the client wanted them all sitting along the bottom. They are all different shapes – some are square and others have a graphic device and the company name. On my copy, I have displayed them in within a square.

Overall, I have enjoyed producing this report, especially working with lots of text and photographic images – which help add diversity to my portfolio at present.

Selected pages from the Industry Report

Report pages for blog