Venue Inspiration



Last week I took my camera out to take some pictures of a local church for the wedding ceremony. It’s a pretty church in a quaint village, near to where we live in the leafy heart of Cheshire.

It’s ironic that whilst I was there, it was grey and cloudy and then, when I left and drove back home, Miss sunshine appeared! At this time of year, the autumn colours contrast heavily with the grey sky. That’s what is lovely I suppose, that the leaves add warm shades of oranges, reds and yellows to the somewhat dull and cold backdrop.

Here is just a small selection of the photos I took on that morning, last week:

The driveway entrance.


View from the driveway.


Quirky little sign.


More views around the church.


St. Lawrence church itself! It is situated in Over Peover, near Knutsford, Cheshire.






Wedding of the year!



I’m getting married in the morning…….. well so to speak, but not this one! It’s so exciting, especially as we want to do as much as we can for ourselves. We’d like the kind of wedding that is personal and unique (suppose many couples want this too!), generally tailor made for us and I’ve started with finding lots of research in magazines and design blogs. One in particular that I check out on a regular basis is Behance Here are a few wedding stationery ideas that I just love!

Wedding Stationery

These designs are by Elina Rubuliak.

These next two designs are by Naomi Francois.

In contrast to the above, I love this more decorative look. The next set of designs are by Alisa Bobzien.

The next set of wedding stationery designs are hand-drawn by Monique Welker, and I love the slender hand rendered text. They are also uncomplicated with nice use of white space in the background.

Monique Welker has also designed this range too. Just gorgeous!

Scott Wilson’s designs in the next stationery set are feminine and pretty, yet not too fluffy and girlie!

In the next set of designs, Ross Ellis has made emphasis on the bride & groom to be. He’s kept to a vintage feel and used photography – nice touch!


Inspirational Moodboards

As inspiration for the wedding, I’ve started to look on and get regular emails from snippetandink They provide you with moodboards, displaying; colour stories, wedding attire, flowers, general themes and accessories. You can also search through their archive section to find more more wonderful and exciting ideas!

Here are just a few moodboards as a taster. They range from a fun and sparkly Vegas theme, sophisticated black shell colours to a vintage pink and green feel. I found it difficult to select just a few!

Black Shell.


Vegas Baby.


Keeping It Simple.


Vintage Pink And Green.


Burgundy And Blue.


Blushing Beauty.