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Emma Jayne

Hi! My name is Emma Jayne and I love Illustration, Surface Pattern and blogging. My masters degree is in Textile Illustration, which I studied at The Manchester University and I also have a degree is in Surface Pattern.

I’ve always had a passion for design and my work is heavily influenced by illustration, pattern and nature.

About me

Here’s a little information about me… I currently take inspiration from nature, colour, shapes, texture, fashion, graphics, nature, interiors, magazines … actually, pretty much anything I come across which piques my interest! From childhood I have always been passionate about art, coming from a creative family. My father and grandfather both loved DIY, my mum loved fashion and interiors and my grandmother, who I spent every Thursday and most weekends sewing and knitting with me. I knitted my first jumper at 8 years (it was too big and I could not get to wear it till I was about 10!).

My design BA and studio work at Dorma made good use of my drawing and colour skills. At Dorma I was involved with the whole design process, from initial concept to bulk printing. I have undertaken various freelance projects over an 15 year period, selling my designs in the UK, around Europe and in America.

I love being creative and playing around with sketches, which later, I develop on my computer. More recently, I have produced illustrations using Pro Create, which I combine with traditional media i.e. gouache. I would describe my style as whimsical, playful, colourful and bold, with hints of texture. I really love colour and enjoy creating different colour combinations.

In my spare time, I continually search for new ideas and new inspiration; whether that would be in stationery, apparel, children’s books, to interiors, and even colour themes. I am also a Pinterest addict and before I used Pinterest, I used to keep boxes full of magazine clippings and marketing material.

Things that I like are; vintage patterns & interiors, old and contemporary illustrations, typography, printed fabrics, retro wallpaper, posters, Scandinavian design, pick”n”mix sweets, collecting stamps and listening to music whilst working on my computer.

My objective is to keep up with the current trends, keep updating my skills to constantly strive to become a better designer and to hopefully inspire you through my blog.



I started my blog in 2010, when I was studying on my masters. I wanted a site that would display my development work (like an on-line sketchbook) and where I could store written thoughts and ideas. As time went by, I started blogging inspiration for my designs and updating my design artwork. Now I like to keep up with current trends and mainly share my pattern and illustration work.


Next update…



Since Christmas to now, I’ve been busy doing nice stuff, like choosing the wedding cake, car, photographer, shoes, booking the church and reception venue and finally making ‘the’ decision and buying my wedding dress!

Regarding the photos, I’ve been looking at real life wedding pics on the Snippet & Ink website, which have captured fun, romance and the moment.

Budget-Friendly Wedding in Atlanta


Chelsea & Scott



Bethany & Eric


Rachel & David’s Pastel Country Club Wedding


Gabrielle & Kevin




I’ve selected a lovely berrie and pale blue colour scheme for the wedding. These are two of my favourite colours and are also the colours within my partner’s kilt, that he will be wearing on the big day. The ceremony will be in the autumn and I would say that the red berrie colour will especially fit perfectly with the autumn season, complemented with hints of cool blue tones. Also, blush pink and ivory colours could look perfect within this colour palette too.

Colour scheme moodboard – red and pale blue



I have produced a few more ‘Save the Date’ cards and these are just two of my favourites:

Hand drawn invite


I love the hand drawn aspect of this design, however it takes some time to create, which I do by hand on paper first, then scan and redraw it in Illustrator. To produce other stationery i.e. wedding ceremony with venue information, menu cards etc, again, they would take longer to produce than if I used fonts that are already in InDesign or Illustrator. Therefore, I have designed an invite that is pretty, modern and has a romantic feel (flowers and the typograph).

Final ‘Save the Date’ invite


I really like the feel of this invite. It spells out ‘romantic wedding’ and did not take long to create. I feel confident producing the rest of the stationery in this style, perhaps changing the pink background colour to fit within the colour scheme and play with other types of flowers too. Perfect!!