Abstract art designs





Firstly, I apologise for the very late blog post! It has been two weeks since my last article about my bird illustrations for Chester Zoo, and between then and now, lots of exciting stuff has been happening.  As a result, I have some hugely exciting news that I want to share with you!

Before my announcement, I’d like to mention that I have been featured on two blog posts. The first one is Lilla Roger’s blog and the second is on Rise Design and Shine blog. How cool is that?! I am both pleased and honoured, and ask that if you have a bit of spare time and fancy a read, please pop over to them to have a good read (but not before finishing here, first).

My hugely exciting news, is that I am so happy to announce that I am now represented by Brenda Manley Designs! I am totally over the moon about this and am so pleased to have joined Brenda’s team.

Now that I am being represented by Brenda, I will be producing designs for the U.S. market. I also get to showcase my work at the New York trade shows, two of them being Surtex and Blue Print. I have always wanted to be a part of these shows, and even though I won’t be there in person, my design work will be.  That is absolutely huge!

There is still much for me to do in preparation for the shows. So far, I have concentrated on putting my design collections onto show boards. After these, I will produce a flyer to be placed on social media, and a range of postcards, to advertise my work for Brenda Manley. The post cards will be handed out at the the trade shows.

Alongside all of this (you can tell I have been busy!), I have created abstract art designs for bag packs and for furniture. It just so happens that for both Lilla Roger’s MATS Bootcamp, and Rise Design and Shine, the briefs had the same theme of Abstracts.

The designs below are those abstract art designs, and they are based on my trip to Whitby, Yorkshire, last Easter with my family.  I just love all the shapes and textures seen from the abbey, overlooking the harbour and boutique shop landscape. I kept the colours fresh and bright, combined with some pastel tones. Within the mix are neutrals with monochrome black and white shades. They were such fun to produce; I really love being expressive with shapes and colour.


Abstract art designs

My bag designs and matching drinks bottle for Lilla Roger’s MATS Bootcamp course.


My abstract pattern covering the front section of a sideboard. There’s a coordinated print too!


Emma Jayne x



Sing for Songbirds Chester Zoo bird illustrations




I’ve been longing to tell you about an exciting project I did for Chester Zoo. I created, Sing for Songbirds Chester Zoo bird illustrations, for a variety of literature and also an animation.

Altogether, I designed one linear bird for the logo, and six bird illustrations. All the species are endangered, and the aim of the project is to make people aware that these beautiful songbirds are being taken from their natural habitats in South East Asia. There are brochures and other learning resources for school children to help create more awareness about the threats to wildlife, and to inspire young conservationists by taking part in Sing for Songbirds.

Sing for Songbirds Chester Zoo bird illustrations

When starting the brief, I did a lot of bird research, looking at different poses and positions. Then I drew each bird, creating both linear and tonal versions of Black-winged starlings, Javan green magpies, Bali starlings, Rufous-fronted Laughingthrushes, Asian fairy-bluebirds and Sumatran Laughingthrushes. I’ll briefly discuss the drawing process.


Here’s a linear drawing of the Black-winged Starling. He’s in a flying position and I’ve drawn his head side on and facing forwards for the animation. I drew separate wings and other body sections for all the birds.


More initial sketches.


Here is the Javan green magpie in colour. The outlines had to be thick, so when reduced, the bird could be easily seen. I used strong colours too, which were applied in PhotoShop. I wanted to capture each bird’s personality and they are all slightly loosely drawn, which helps to achieve that.


This is a linear bird for the logo. You’ll see this on all Chester Zoo’s Sing for Songbirds resources and literature.


I want to share with you some of the pages with my bird illustrations, which are on the fund raising pack.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project! Plus, I learned so much about each bird and fully support Chester Zoo in this campaign. Before the project went ‘live’, I got to see the animation and it was wonderful seeing my birds come to ‘life’. Seeing these beautiful birds and listening to the song actually brought a tear to my eyes.

You can also see the animation on Youtube.


Hope you like my illustrations and if you’d like to get involved with Sing for Songbirds, then take a look at their resources.


Emma Jayne x