Emma Jayne fashion collaboration with H&M




I’m excited to announce the Emma Jayne fashion collaboration with high street global giant, H&M! Well actually, the collection has been online at H&M for a couple of weeks and so far so good, it’s doing well!

The summer collaboration, which launched mid April, features a mixture of fun and brightly coloured wildlife, surf safari and ocean designs.

“There’s a wonderful sense of joy in Emma Jayne’s work that captures the imagination of both children and adults,” explains Sofia Löfstedt, Head of Kidswear Design at H&M. “For the H&M collaboration, we chose to build up prints of Emma Jayne’s illustrations that evoked summertime – the warmth of the tropics, the carefree holidays and the underwater adventures. We love how the collaboration really brings to life the colours and emotions of playful wildlife.”

For the summer collection, I produced a range of patterns and placement print illustrations for ages ranging from babies to teens. My daughter is in her late teens and if she were a few years younger, her summer wardrobe would most probably be this collection!

I have to say, the theme for this collaboration was so much fun to research and draw. I drew quite a few different animals and sea-creatures and not all of them were used within the collection. However, overall I’m really happy with how all the garments turned out and it’s great to see them online. You can find my designs on a range of items including: skirts, dresses, shorts, swimwear, headbands, caps, sandals and jumpsuits.

I get sent quite a few messages from customers, showing me photographs of their children modelling my outfits. They’re wonderful to see!


Emma Jayne fashion collaboration with H&M

Some photographs used for the press releases


Selection of actual garments







I also love the extra details, such as the swing tag and my name, Emma Jayne, is printed on the tag.


It’s been great to have been involved in every step of the process and I’m beyond excited about the launch of my collection. I think that my designs work really well with clothing and I’m hoping that this project will provide the perfect springboard for further collaborations and a move into high-end fashion, which is a huge passion of mine.

Stay well and most importantly, stay safe!

Emma Jayne x



Indian inspired fashion collection




To help distract from what’s happening around the world, I find creating to be a great activity; to immerse myself into a different world. Of course, I find it very upsetting that this deadly virus is taking so many lives and how it is affecting every one of us. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the peak will be passed very soon and that the trends for deaths and infection rates will start to drop to a level where we will be able to go out and feel safe once again.

So, to the distraction part. I enjoy working on personal projects, which I do every so often, whenever I manage to find some time. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve created an Indian inspired fashion collection.

I love India and in particular, the amazing, ancient architecture (the temples are exquisite), markets, animals and cuisines. I’d love to visit one day, although haven’t decided which parts to see as yet.

For this Indian inspired fashion collection, I concentrated mainly on the animals, mud huts found on the western side of India and on the foliage. You can see a range of animal drawings, pattern ideas, including an illustrated map (a section of India). There are still more animals I’d love to draw, so this collection could get even bigger!


Indian inspired fashion collection


Fashion mockups


I love to see how designs look on mockups and I could see these on childrenswear for sure.

By the way, I have an exciting collaboration I’d like to share. It’s my biggest project to date and it launches on the 23rd April! I created a range of patterns and illustrations for H&M kids and can’t wait to show you! Stay tuned to find out 🙂


Stay safe, Emma Jayne x