Finding inspiration



Section of Alice Pattullo’s quilt design

As designers, we all need to be inspired and this post is about finding inspiration. I get my ideas from various forms that are mainly visual and either collate them in a scrapbook (magazine cuttings, postcards, flyers etc…), or on Pinterest. I’m the type of person who does research, every day. Whether from browsing on the internet, going into a city, being surround by beautiful architecture, coffee houses, people and shop displays etc., or just taking a stroll in the countryside, it is surprising what may trigger an idea!

I work in my studio virtually each day, and even though I love working from home, I can sometimes feel isolated and I get that urge to find what inspiration will come to me, from outside of the four walls of the studio, where I spend time creating at my computer.

Two places I have been to recently, on separate weekends, are Bath and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It’s been about two years since my last visit to each, so I was very much looking forward to seeing the new things I could discover there.

Finding inspiration

In Bath, I went to see two of my favourite shops; Anthropologie and Graham and Green. As per usual, there were lots of yummy items, and I was excited to be at the stores. I love the architecture, quirky cafes & boutique shops around the outskirts of the main city, and the cultural mix.


Selection of tea-towels.

Colourful pinafores.

Gorgeous textiles.

Embroidered chair.

Around Bath

Brightly coloured hanging umbrellas.

Flowers growing from inside a red telephone box.

Knitted floral lamp-post art.

At the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, I was very much looking forward to seeing Alice Pattullo‘s illustration work in the flesh! I’ve previously only seen her beautiful artwork online, and so I was amazed at how intricate her recent work, ‘Of House and Home’ appeared. There were so many pieces to see, and I got to purchase a couple of items with her designs on, whilst there. It was lovely to walk around the grounds of the park and to see the other large sculptures on display. Even though they didn’t inspire me as much, they were interesting to see and a definite talking point. If you get to visit, the cakes in the cafe are also rather yummy too!

Alice Pattullo

‘Home Sewing’

‘China Animals’ and ‘Dried Flowers’

Original artwork by Alice Pattullo presented in a glass display cabinet.

‘A Garden Displayed’


Zak Ové

Tony Cragg


What inspires you and how do you find inspiration?


Emma Jayne x


Updated online portfolio




It’s taken some time but I’m super thrilled to show you my, updated online portfolio! The last time I added design work was back in December 2016. Since then, I’ve been a busy bee, producing lots of yummy patterns and illustrations through online courses (Rise Design & Shine and MATS Bootcamp by Lilla Rogers), Deva Designs and for my agent, Brenda Manley.

My style has developed a lot over the past six months and I wanted my portfolio to represent this. Also, I’ve selected pieces that I love and have proved to be popular on social media i.e. instagram, Facebook and Twitter for example.  Going back six months, I felt that my previous portfolio showed varied styles. This isn’t such a bad thing, but I’ve been constantly working with different techniques, materials and colours, that over time, a style has just emerged.

In my portfolio, I have a mixture of illustrations and patterns. I’ve been designing patterns for a number of years and not so much illustrations, yet at present I’m loving the illustration side.

I’ve kept the site clean and simplistic in appearance, with lots of white space for the colours in my designs to stand out.  Before updating my portfolio, I did a bit of research to see what layout I preferred. Also, I wanted it to navigate showing collections. For example, each window has a thumbnail and then other designs follow within this collection. Although, not all the windows are like this, for some of the other designs are stand alone patterns or illustrations.

I’ll be adding new products soon in my Etsy shop and on Society6, which i’m currently working on. I’ll be sharing these with you in a future blog post, so stay tuned!

Updated online portfolio


Here is a link for you to take a closer look –

* If you’d like to work with me, I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me through my portfolio website or by contacting my agent Brenda Manley Designs  😀


Thanks for stopping by, Emma Jayne x