Collaboration with Chinese fashion brand Wancaoyi




Hello and I hope you are staying home and are safe and well. We’re living in uncertain and surreal times. Changes are happening every day and even though it’s good to know what these are, I try to just watch the highlights and not watch the news for long periods of time. I did at the start but it only made me feel anxious. I feel very sorry for those who are affected either with their health or their financial situations being challenged. This global situation we are in seems so dreadfully unfair.

I love fashion and more so, designing for fashion! Back in the spring of 2019, I did a collaboration with Chinese fashion brand Wancaoyi. For this collection, I was asked to produce artwork based on Marrakesh and was given a specific colour palette to work with.


Collaboration with Chinese fashion brand Wancaoyi

From the artwork, you can see a mix of spicy tones with hints of cool blues. In total, I created an illustrated map and two additional illustrations with rats. One of the rat designs was printed onto sweatshirts, to celebrate the Chinese New Year i.e. 2020 year of the rat.

I wanted the motifs to look realistic, yet stylised and I’ve added texture along with a pattern, which you can see in the map illustration.



Overall, it was a wonderful and fun project to work on!

Emma Jayne x

FREE Colouring Sheet to download



Life may seem to be a little scary at the moment, with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) doing the rounds. We’re all having to be careful and to protect each other from unnecessary risk. It saddens me to think of those at higher risk, with autoimmune conditions, existing respiratory conditions and the elderly, along with their families and friends who will surely be worried and anxious about their safety. It’s a global pandemic and things will be very different for a while.

My thoughts are with all those who are and will be affected by it.

Now that schools have closed and many adults are either looking after their youngsters, or having to stay indoors, they will need to find ways of entertaining themselves. I imagine people will be taking up hobbies, binge watching programmes they haven’t seen yet and even doing things around the house!

I decided to produce a colouring in sheet for children and actually anyone who is young at heart and enjoys colouring books. All you need to do is right-click on on the last image in this post and choose to save to a folder on your computer.

I’d love to see photographs of your completed image on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – use the hashtag #colouringwithemmajayne or my instagram handle, @emmajayne_designs. I’d love to share them on my social media and see the wonderful colours you decide to use.

You can colour the Pegasus Unicorn colouring in sheet either with coloured materials or transfer it to your ipad or Android tablet and add colour that way! You’ll need an appropriate app to do it on your tablet, if you haven’t already got one.



To download the image below, right-click on it and choose Save Image As/Save Target As. Then, choose a folder to save it to on your computer.

You can then either print it out to colour it in, or send it to your tablet (you’ll need a suitable painting app for that).

The downloaded image will be A4 size.

Printable image - A4, 300dpi

This is a large download of around 3MB, so it may take a minute or so to downlaod, depending on your connection speed.

I hope you enjoy coloring in your Pegasus Unicorn and I very much look forward to seeing your efforts on social media
#colouringwithemmajayne   |   @emmajayne_designs

This image is free for you to use and colour in but please remember that copyright is mine, so you may not claim it as your own work and you may not use it to make money.

Thank you kindly!


Emma Jayne x