Christmas wonderland theme designs




Well Halloween and bonfire night are officially out of the way and now it’s time to concentrate on the festive season!  Hurraahhh!!

Over the past six weeks, I’ve been drawing portraits for a commission and Halloween illustrations. It helps if I do lots of research when starting a new project, as I do tend to struggle for ideas. Christmas is so broad don’t you think? There are lots of directions you can go in when thinking about Christmas, such as Santa himself, reindeers, snowmen, baubles, robins and poinsettias. The list goes on!

To prepare myself for the ever so commercial season, I’ve decided to put together a moodboard, which will help me when creating a range of Christmas wonderland theme designs.


Images taken from Pinterest


As you can see from the moodboard, I’m drawn to traditional, pretty houses within forests, set in snowy scenes, amongst woodland creatures and people. I think it’s because I’m reminiscing and seeing my past with rose tinted spectacles. When I was younger, there were a few winters which were pretty bad, but I always remember them as being fun. The images also look pretty!

From these, I’ve produced a few sketches to get some layout ideas. Next, I’ll develop these into illustrations, adding colour based from my moodboard. The moodboard gives me a starting point and I may end up bringing in other colours as I go along.

Here are my first set of doodles. I used pencil and ink for these.

Christmas wonderland theme designs


I’m really looking forward to getting started on my Christmas wonderland theme designs and adding some colour. I’ll be using gouache, which is what I tend to work with, and I’m definitely thinking about buying an ipad, which I can use with Procreate. It should be interesting to see what new techniques I’ll come up with!


Do you work traditionally or do you mainly work digitally? If there are any handy tips you’d like to share, I’ll be very keen to know about them!



Emma Jayne x



Halloween design collection




Happy Halloween! Over the past few weeks I’ve been busy working on a design commission, which I will share with you very soon. A little hint is, I’ve been drawing portraits.

In between illustrations I’ve squeezed in some time to create a Halloween design collection, based from the popular sugar-skulls. The main design is a still life consisting of imagery associated with Halloween i.e. pumpkins, spider, rat, sugar skull and mythical stars and crescent moon. I’ve seen sugar skull plant pots on google and thought it would be interesting to have a spider’s web on the leaves, with an inquisitive rat, taking a close look at the dangling spider.

To sit alongside the main design, there are two coordinating patterns. The first one is of flying bats and the second, stars at night. Both are quite simple, in that there isn’t too much going on. They do say ‘simple is best!’

Halloween design collection


By the way, I want to mention that I’ve been featured on two websites! These are Artistic Moods and They Draw and Cook. I follow Sandra from Artistic Moods, on social media and love all the designers/artists that she features. It’s great to see and feel inspired by other fellow creatives!

I luurve food and seeing how designers create interesting recipe compositions on, They Draw and Cook. The Halloween cake recipe featured was actually designed approximately twelve months ago and is a traditional cake recipe, which I used to bake with my grandmother when I was a young girl. We used to make a huge slab and it would last nearly all week. I loved to heat my thick slice first and then eat it with ice-cream. I still have to say, I bake it on certain occasions and it really is delicious!

The next set of designs I’ll be producing will be for Christmas and there is so much you can do with this theme, from Christmas trees and woodland, to snowmen, Christmas crackers, snowflakes and poinsettias. There’s such a variety of imagery to draw from!


Have a great Halloween!

Emma Jayne x