Print Workshop (part 1)


With my Master’s degree now completed, I wanted to take the depiction of the story characters further, and so decided to attend a printing workshop run by Alan Birch, in Waterfoot, near Rawtenstall.

I spent the day burning out tones for etching, using an composition of Hatty and Izzie together. It was a fantastic day, and I was so engrossed in the process, that I didn’t notice the hours fly by!

The results of the workshop are below, and comprise a linear image, printed before the toning was added, then the second print with the tone palette on the left hand edge, followed by the etching plate itself and finally the third print with all of the toning detail added.

1 First Print – Linear, no Toning

3 Etching Plate

2 Second Print with Tone Palette

4 Tonal Print Closeup

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