Printable valentines cards






Printable valentines cards

Valentines is fast approaching and I have a treat in store for you!  I have created four printable valentines cards, so if you haven’t picked up a valentines card yet, for your loved one, why not just use one of these? Alternatively if you can’t decide on which design you like the best, then print off all four! They are free after all!! All you’ll need is a printer and some good quality A4 paper.

When creating these printable valentines cards, I took inspiration from the word ‘romance’. To create them, I went for a polarized look, with soft pastel colours and slightly blurred imagery.They have a nostalgic feel, with sentimental and affectionate phrases, but without being slushy.

To get your hands on them, click on each of the images below. Et Violá!


Love you to the moon and back


You are a hottie


I love your smile


You are the beat of my heart


 Don’t forget, you can click on each of the images above to download a free printable valentines card!

Have you bought or made a gift for your valentine yet?  I’m still thinking about what to get my partner (and apparently, he’s still thinking about what to get me!!). Something sentimental and touching sounds like something he will appreciate!