Printsource August 2017 flyers


I’ve been busy lately, creating editorial illustrations and Printsource August 2017 flyers. I usually design stand alone illustrations and coordinating patterns for my agent, although this past couple of weeks, I have been designing illustrations for magazines, and I’ll share some with you in a future blog post. My aim was to add a touch of diversity to the range of designs in my portfolio.

Printsource isn’t too far away, so I’ve been designing flyers for this event too. This will be my first time exhibiting at Printsource, which, as you can imagine, I’m really excited about! I love the fact that it’s surface pattern for different products; apparel, bed and bathroom, kitchen, stationery, wallpaper, and much more. My portfolio has a variety of designs, so I think I now have each product type pretty much covered.

Here are a couple of flyers that will be used to advertise a taste of my recent work for the show. Both designs are themed for Summer and are different in style compared the ones I produced for Surtex and Blueprint. The first is a pretty floral composition and the second pattern is lobsters in the ocean.

Printsource August 2017 flyers



Fingers and toes crossed that I do well! Β πŸ˜‰


Emma Jayne x