Recent artwork for the 100daysproject



I’m rather suprised at how well I’m managing to draw every day, for the 100daysproject. It is actually quite a challenge, although I am thoroughly enjoying creating different pieces of mixed-media art, one day after another. We are one third of the way through already, how time flies!

I have recently started a new design job in a busy surface pattern studio, and I’ve just finished May’s assignment for the MATS bootcamp 2016. You could say that I’m pretty busy at the moment, and that’s a great thing! June’s assignment will start in about a week’s time, which gives me a week to concentrate on producing more mixed-media illustrations for the 100daysproject.

I want to share with you a selection of my recent artwork for the 100daysproject. Altogether, I have included five illustrations; three are from previous assignments and the remaining two are personal projects. You can see other works I’ve produced on instagram.


Recent artwork for the 100daysproject



Have you taken part in the 100daysproject? If so, I’d love to see what you’ve created  🙂


Emma Jayne x