Retro livingroom interior



I’m very excited to share with you Loaf’s gorgeous mid-season collection, which they launched on the 18th May, 2015. In total, Loaf have launched five new sofas, three new foot stools and a lovely bed, plus thirty new fabrics! Loaf ‘s sofas are beautiful, but in particular I’m favouring their Burnt orange, velvet upholstered, Pudding sofa. The colour is amazing and I can see it sitting perfectly with this year’s, 1970’s trend. To check out loaf’s newest collection visit

Some of the 1970’s fashions tend to have bold geometric and floral patterns, however I have gone for a more sophisticated, grown up feel. I wanted the room to display romantic flowers, combined with a few textured fabrics, combining the warm colours of the 1970’s, with cool blues and greys. I remember my house when I was growing up, having brown and orange flock wallpaper. At the time, I recall thinking it was ghastly. However, now, it would probably be totally cool (oops…I’m giving my age away!).

I am definitely loving the retro livingroom interior. I hope that what I have put together inspires you too!

Retro livingroom interior



1_ Floral wallpaper
2_ Appleton knob
3_ Pudding sofa
4_ Teardrop lamp
5_ Perforated dot cushion
6_ Patterned cushion cover
7_ Pansy petite vase
8_ Magazine rack
9_ Armchair



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