Round-up of the first week of the 100 day project



I’m very excited to share with you a round-up of the first week of the 100 day project! When I initially started this challenge, I did wonder whether I’d fall behind or get a tad bored with it. In fact, the complete opposite has happened. I’m ahead of schedule, as I have created quite a few drawings which can be shared a day at a time. I am actually more excited than ever, because I’ve been researching and getting into my ‘ocean’ theme. In this blog post, I will recap on what I’ve done during the first week of the 100 day project. I will give a full summary at the end of the project, which will be in July. Gosh, that will be deep into summer time!

There are different directions I can go with my theme and at the moment, I’m currently loving the shapes and textures you see on coral. I’ve also been looking at a huge variety of fish and have focused on the most common popular choices; clown and gold fish, sharks and whales, as well as molluscs. The ocean is quite a hot topic at the moment, with regard to climate change and pollution. I’d like to highlight some of the issues around these, although I don’t want all my designs to have a serious feeling about them. Some will be playful too.

I’ve produced full page illustrations and much simpler compositions, as well as adding pattern within the mix. Varying my designs will look more interesting, I think, on social media and will allow me to be flexible with my outcomes.

One thing I am enjoying doing during the project so far, is playing with textures created with paint brushes and using gouache. At the beginning of the project, my intention was mainly to use ProCreate, although I am using it quite extensively, I am really loving the hand drawn look at the moment. This may change, depending on how I feel and what medium I want to draw with, at that particular time.

I’m also enjoying playing with colour combinations and aim to create illustrations with a more sophisticated feel. If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know that I love brighter tones, so whilst experimenting with tertiary and darker colours will be fun, it will also be challenging, especially when going out of my comfort zone.

Round-up of the first week of the 100 day project



I’ll have a whole new portfolio at the end of the 100 day project and I am keen to find out what I’ll be producing in the last few days of it! Are you taking part in the 100 day project and how have you found it so far? Have there been any challenges and what have you done to overcome these? You can check out my progress on instagram.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Emma Jayne x



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