Shapes & colours…..


I’m currently very excited, producing an on line infographic, which is keeping me busy.

Whilst researching different types of infographics, I came across Elaine Fong’s portfolio site. She is a graphic designer and artist. Elaine produces artwork for print, illustration, packaging, branding, typography, infographics and textiles. I was particularly drawn to the different areas of design that she gets involves in. Like her, I enjoy creating for different types of design.

There are a few pieces that I liked in her portfolio. These included, two book projects and a few illustrations.


Sleeping Colors

‘Sleeping Colors’ is a book documenting the colours that Elaine Fong has seen in her sleep over a period of a year ( I have vivid dreams and don’t ever remember if I have dreamt them in colour or in black & white ). The resulting colour schemes create corresponding patterns and textiles, reflecting the month and overall year in colour. She is still continuing with this project and again that will result in producing another book.

Here are a few images from ‘Sleeping Colors’ –






The front cover and second image are definitely inspired by infographics. The bright and pastel colours against the white background and the simplicity of the circular shapes and lines are very eye-catching, and draw you in to encourage you to take a closer look. The circles represent information in an engaging and more digestible way that is easier to interpret. A well known infographic that uses coloured lines and a key is the London Underground. It is probably the world’s best known example and its design makes it very easy for the user to navigate a complex, urban rail system.


Eventually, Everything Connects

Below are a few more pages demonstrating another book that Elaine Fong has produced, as a playful tribute to Charles and Ray Eames. The file is taken from their film ‘Powers of Ten’ and is a visual exploration of the shapes and forms of their iconic furniture.

A selection of pages from the book ‘Eventually, Everything Connects’ –








What I like about these images is how Elaine Fong positions the chairs and coat hanger into a layering composition. They are flattened to form solid and linear shapes. It is interesting how she sees them in this way and creates patterns from them. Besides the furniture, the colours also have a retro feel to them, yet the work is treated in a contemporary way with some added graphic elements; arrows and how the text is laid out in the last image.


Other examples of Elaine Fong’s work –


Robin’s nest








Heart at work




I love all of Elaine Fong’s work and especially, I can relate to the above piece – Heart at work. This is an illustration of how she feels when she’s in the thick of a project, i.e. building layers of concepts, planning, researching, drawing; a continuous spin of ideas running around in her head, trying to make sure the final piece has heart. I am sure that other designers/artists feel this way too!

You see see her portfolio by visiting