Sock design competition



I decided for the first time this year, to enter a competition. Lilla Roger’s ‘Global Talent Search 2016′, was the last time I entered for a competition, so I thought I’d give it a go. The one I have entered is the Sock It to Me, sock design competition. I imagine that it will receive thousands of wonderful and quirky designs, but hey, why not give it a go?!

The maximum number of entries per person is five. I created two very different looks. The first being on trend, i.e. cacti and a pair of Fennec foxes. It has a child-like quality to it. The second has a more feminine theme;  lips and kisses. I named my designs, ‘Cool Desert Fox’ and ‘French Kiss’, respectively.

My style is quite painterly and the criteria for the sock designs was to make the icons flat and simple. This means flattening some of the elements in PhotoShop and creating other sections of the artwork in Illustrator.

Overall, what was most challenging for me was that we had to use just six colours. I could very easily have used more. Yet, as they often say, less is more!

Sock design competition

Desert fox

My Desert fox sock design is fun and cute. I used contrasting warm violet, tangerine and apricot with cool turquoise blue colours, along with an off-white, and a bold black. The layout is of a desert scene with stars and cacti strategically scattered, and with a very hotter sun in the sky.


French kiss

My French kiss sock design is feminine and flirty. I’ve used reds and pinks, with warm blue and yellow colours, along with hints of black and white. The composition is a pattern of lips and compact mirrors strategically placed, with text and kisses in between.


Fingers and toes crossed that I’ll be one of the thirty semi-finalists selected. These will be announced on the 13th October 2017.   🙄


Emma Jayne x