Summer geometrical apparel prints



Summer geometrical apparel prints

I love fun prints full of colour and for week four’s Foliofocus geometric brief, I created a range of summer geometrical apparel prints that are just that!

To begin with, I experimented with collage shapes, line and colours. This was my warming up exercise, which I always like to do before embarking on any new project. It helps me to get my head into the right space.

Here are a couple of pieces which I created as a starting point.



I start off with a shape, then build up a composition with colours and lines that contrast, yet compliment each other.

The colours I have selected are a mixture of brights, pastel and flat tones. These remind me of summer, so I thought I’d paint a variety of fruits i.e. bananas, watermelon, kiwi,cherries and pineapple to sit alongside the geometrical shapes.

Here are my final designs. I think they have a bit of an eighties vibe, with the black textures and white background. The black is quite stark, but fit well, as they do with these retro style patterns I have seen recently, which use black as a dominant colour.



I’m really happy with how my final designs have turned out, with each pattern design having geometrical shapes and fruit. They’re all quite different, yet fit as a collection.

Here are my patterns, including an extra design on fashion items.


(I’ve applied my patterns on to a skirt, pumps and tee-shirt images from Zara, and also on to a tote-bag I found through Google.)

I’ve had quite a few people asking if these are sold in my Etsy shop! That would be lovely one day… hmmm…food for thought!


Emma Jayne x