Summer holiday to Crete



Summer holiday to Crete

It feels like years since I’ve been abroad and it was time to get away, so my family and I went on a summer holiday to Crete. I’d been working a six to seven day week, Neil had been busy doing overtime and Yasmin my daughter, had just finished her GCSE’s.

There was definitely sunshine. Actually there was lots of it and it was very HOT indeed! The hottest temperature on some days rose to 42 degrees during the day, and 34 degrees in the evening. Here in the UK, the warmest I’ve ever remembered experiencing is in the late twenties, so Greece was extremely hot in comparison  😳

I love travelling and discovering new places. When I was younger, before I had my daughter, I wanted to work at the 2000 Olympics, then travel back home through Europe. I felt that I wanted to see more of the world before settling down and starting a family. Places I longed to visit and still haven’t been are; Italy, Prague, Russia, Amsterdam and Germany. Their beautiful architecture and scenery look amazing. I also have a desire to sample the local cuisine.

Crete was very different to what I had imagined. I did a little research on Google to see what Rethymno was like. This is the place where we were staying and even though I saw a few blue and white coloured buildings, I imagined that there would be far more. I’d describe Crete as being quite rustic with its own unique and charming character. The people are super-friendly and whilst in Rethymno, I fell in love with the old town. The windy, cobbled streets have so much character, filled with boutique shops, bars and restaurants. So picturesque!

I took quite a few photographs and would love to show you them all, however they’d completely fill up my blog, so I’ll share with you a small varied selection of places and aspects of Crete that took my fancy.


At the moment, I have a touch of the holiday blues, so to cheer myself up, I’ll be concentrating on where to go for our next holiday.  😎

I’m currently loving the summer theme. Here are a couple of designs which I’ve been working on. I want to continue with this subject til I dry up with ideas. I’m also developing a style which I feel comfortable with.




If you’re going away, have a great holiday!

Emma Jayne x