Summer holiday wardrobe essentials





I have realised that Spring Break is almost upon us!  It’s great to be prepared and have fun when you start looking for holiday essentials. We are going away soon, and I’m so excited! A change of scenery and some serious fun and relaxation are definitely on the cards.

Outside, I can see the emergence of bright, coloured blooms and the fresh, new greenery of spring.  I also see these reflected in this year’s botanical print trends.  If you you are into this trend as much as I am, then you’ll enjoy my previous article for interior design inspiration,  ‘Bringing the outdoors indoors!’ , and you should read that, after this article, if you haven’t already :-). I absolutely love the combination of flowers and foliage and I hope you do too!

I’ve been searching for summer holiday wardrobe essentials and have across some gorgeous finds. You can either wear some of them together, or combine with plainer items. As an example, the tee-shirt will look great with either the skirt or shorts. I love the feeling of having my tootsies exposed to the warming air of late spring/early summer, so these sandals will be perfect for that and they also look so trendy and comfortable. Whatever takes your fancy, you can either dress up or wear the dress casually. Both ways will look great. I just love them all! There is only one problem I face; which ones to buy?

Whether you’re going abroad or having a ‘staycation’, you’ll only need a handful of items to make it a successful trip. What are the necessities when packing? Below are a few ideas, that I believe, are summer holiday wardrobe essentials!

Summer holiday wardrobe essentials




1_ tee shirt
2_ fluted skirt
3_ embellished sandals
4_ sunglasses
5_ dress
6_ shorts


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