Summer pastel moodboard



It’s the first day of September, and I’m afraid that I have to say that summer is nearly over. BOOO! Indeed, summer is my favourite season (I think I’ve mentioned this quite a few times!) and I really don’t want it to end!

Is it just me, or have you noticed that the warm(ish) weather can often lasts until around mid October? I think the seasons are getting all muddled up. For example, the winter lasts until March, and in England, we’ve had a few days of scorching weather in late March/early April, which at that time of year, doesn’t feel like spring at all!

I’ve noticed that the shops have started to sell clothes in autumnal colours. I’m just not ready to put away my summer wardrobe just yet and begin wearing darker colours. I think I’ll still hang on to summer for a little longer and so, to celebrate being in denial that summer has nearly gone, I have put together a summer pastel moodboard, with a combination palette of pretty blue, pinks and warm yellow.

All the images are taken from Pinterest

Summer pastel moodboard



Have a lovely weekend!

Emma Jayne x