The 100 day project 2019


Can’t believe how long it’s been since I last wrote a blog post! In my defence, I have been super busy over the past few weeks. Furthermore, I’d like to add that I’ve increased my work load even more, by taking part in the 100 day project 2019. What can I say, I just love to keep busy!

Last year’s 100 day project was about building up my portfolio and I used procreate for the majority of it. I didn’t have much in the way of children’s illustrations, either. However this year, my aim is to experiment with materials and techniques a bit more. So far I’ve been using gouache, watercolour and ink, and I’m having so much fun! Don’t get me wrong, I do love procreate, which I’ve been using here and there, for block shapes and backgrounds.

My chosen theme is ‘All creatures great and small’. This description is a bit long with the hashtag, so I’ve shortened it to ‘100 days of creatures’ #100daysofcreatures.

Drawing for 100 days feels daunting and such a big commitment. If it ever gets too much, I know that I can just stop or spread the 100 days of artwork over a longer period of time. Although once I commit to something, I do tend to make sure that I stick to it!

Here are some drawings of different size creatures I’ve produced so far.

100 days project 2019

Days 1 to 8
Days 9 to 17

If you’d like to follow my progress, you can see my daily drawings on Instagram

Are you taking part in the 100 day drawing challenge?

Emma Jayne x

*Please refrain from using the above images. If you’d like to buy or license any of the above, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

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