Time to decorate!


After spending nearly three years in my house,it’s about time that I started to add my own stamp on it! Not many people get the chance to decorate straight away and yet some people like to decorate before they move into their property. I fell into the first bracket i.e. not being able to afford to and also, I am really particular. Basically, I just want to make sure that I get it right,and to achieve this, I will need to create a moodboard illustrating the colours, patterns, furniture and theme etc…. I will do this once I’ve collated my ideas from magazines, interior blogs and websites.

I have two living rooms; one is currently being used as an office and the other is at the rear of the house, with beautiful Cheshire countryside views. This is the room that I like to relax in and will be decorating first.

I absolutely love white walls and walls with a hint of colour or that have a patterned feature. You can then contrast this with brighter coloured works of art, ornamental accessories, carpets/wooden flooring, furniture and lighting.

Ideas that I have seen and loved so far are from the Living etc magazine, Living etc website and my pinterest account. Here are a few examples that appeal to me so far:

Living room examples
































I have noticed that there is a common theme i.e. arrangement of eclectic furniture, white or pastel coloured walls, and hints of geometric pattern. This gives me an indication of my tastes and direction as what to consider when putting elements together for the living room.

I just love pattern and putting gorgeous colour combinations, often adding brights with white, darker shades and more sombre colours to bind them all together.

Watch this space! 🙂





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