Valentines greeting card design




I’ve signed up for the next round of Rise Design and Shine course and for week one, we were asked to design a Valentines card. With Valentine’s day being tomorrow, this is perfect timing! …gosh, this has come round so quickly!! It doesn’t seem long ago since we were handing out Christmas cards and opening pressies. Gulp!

Some people aren’t in a relationship or find Valentines too mushy, which won’t be for them right now, but for those who like to celebrate a bit of ‘love’, here’s my Valentines greeting card design. I’ve designed a gift bag to go with the card, which has a sailor and mermaid repeat pattern down the sides of the bag.

My design is kind of light-hearted and I love kitsch, so my aim was to create something that puts a smile on people’s faces, besides celebrating the day of lurvvv!

Valentines greeting card design

Valentines card with coordinating envelop. This is in blue and not pink, mainly so my design doesn’t look too ‘fluffy’ so to speak!


Greeting card and matching Valentines gift bag.


A simple coordinating sailor and mermaid pattern. I tend to fill my designs with different images, but decided to go minimal this time. I think the cute couple and hearts are just enough  🙂


Happy Valentines!


Emma Jayne x