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I love a good wedding, don’t you? Well, I’ve been invited to three this summer! The first wedding will be in June and the other two, in July. There’s just one thing though, do I buy three outfits, or do I keep to one, and buy different accessories for each? In other words; can I really afford to buy three separate outfits? I think this could turn into a debate, perhaps one for another blog post.

I adore everything about weddings, but I can’t quite put my finger on why. To me, weddings are wonderful and magical events. When I see wedding stationery in a shop or beautiful, ivory lace dresses in a magazine, I get very excited. More so, even now, after my wedding to my gorgeous man. I still follow a few wedding blogs, such as Snippet & Ink, Rock my Wedding and Martha Stewart Weddings. I must be obsessed. Well actually, I’m not quite that bad (my husband says I am!).

I believe that recently, a major reason why I’ve been so interested in weddings, is because I have been creating a few wedding gift wrap designs. Altogether, I have designed four different variations, which all look noticeably different to one another. You’ll see when you take a peek at what I’ve produced.

Here was my main inspiration:



I collated clippings from wedding magazines, greeting cards and images from Pinterest – all items associated with weddings. I love the textures on the cake, lace wedding dress and on the greeting card. The colour palette is soft too, with a few brighter tones, punctuated by black.

I then decided to create a moodboard, based on the colours and visual reference I wanted to use for my wedding gift wrap designs:



I love all the pretty, delicate pastel lilac, pale blue, pink, peach and mint green shades. These colours are fresh and I wanted my designs to have a colourful, soft and romantic feel to them.

Here are some of my initial drawings. I created them using watercolour, gouache, ink and marker pen. You can see that I used the church and gold shoes from the moodboard in my drawings. In total, I spent roughly two days, producing drawings and once I was happy, selected which sections would be suitable for my gift wrap designs.








Wedding gift wrap designs

Here are my final wedding gift wrap designs, which I’m excited to show you!


This design is in a half-drop repeat. I really liked the church and combined this with church bells, champagne flutes, a wedding cake & ring, as well as love birds, perched on a birdcage.



This design is in a block repeat and it has a mixture of colours and textures within the design. I love mixing textures with block and linear shapes. Parts of the design sit in the background whilst others just pop out.



This design is in a brick repeat. It has lots of flowers, wedding bells and the word ‘wedding’ within a heart shape. This shape is repeated, and to fill in the gaps in between these, I added a bundle of smaller flowers.



This is another half-drop repeat design, where there are a number of varied icons. I liked the idea of producing a busy design, with bold shapes and no texture. It’s quite different to the other designs, and I must say, it’s my most favourite! I love the colours and the different scaled circles, flowers and wedding icons.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating my wedding gift wrap designs and would love to see these in production one day. To see my designs in store would be so great, and even better to see them wrapped around a wedding gift!


Please do not copy or use any of the images in this blog post. If you would like to use any of my work for your blog or website, then can you please credit myself and link back to emmajayne-designs. Thank you  🙂

Emma Jayne x


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  1. Zara Martina Says:

    Such a beautiful and colorful post! Gorgeous designs.

  2. Emma Jayne Designs Says:

    Thank you Zara for your lovely comment! I thoroughly enjoyed producing the gift-wrap designs 🙂 x

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