Week three round-up for the 100 day project



Can’t believe three weeks has passed already and I’m not far off from one quarter of the way there. Go me!

It actually feels like the 100 day project is dominating my life. We’re only at the beginning and I still think about it a lot! I’m just aware of falling behind, as this is what happened the last time I took part, two years ago. I’m sure this will pass though.

I’d like to share with you my week three round-up for the 100 day project. The work still mainly consists of fish and coral, as I’m loving the patterns you find in coral and there are so many beautiful types of fish to draw – too many in fact!

What I love about this project is that I can draw what comes to mind each day. It’s basically what inspires me and I’m varying my colour palettes, as well as compositions. I’m still using gouache and procreate and feel very comfortable using these type of mediums.ย  With gouache, I create interesting textures and with procreate, I particularly love the bold shapes.

Here is my week three round-up for the 100 day project –

Week three round-up for the 100 day project


I’m finding that I prefer to add backgrounds, yet I think this will put too much pressure on myself by applying backgrounds to every daily drawing, so I’ll vary from single image to full page compositions. For example, you’ll see that I’ve drawn a single Butterfly fish and placed this on a plain, duck-egg blue background. Also, I drew two Yellow Butterfly fish and repeated these, to give the illusion of a group of fish swimming together.

For the next set of drawings, I aim to again change my colour palette and see what else I can discover about the ocean. You can follow my progress on instagram.


Emma Jayne x


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