Week two round-up of illustrations for the 100 Day Project



I’m still enjoying the drawing challenge and would like to share with you, my week two round-up of illustrations for the 100 Day Project.ย So far so good and I’m also learning lots about the ocean too, which is mainly fish species and coral for now.

I’d like to mention that it’s amazing and heart warming with all the support from the other designers and from the general public about my work. It feels like I’m part of a creative community, which is what I love when taking part in an online project. I’d definitely recommend doing something like this to anyone who wants to network with other fellow designers.

I would describe my journey with this project like working on a university brief, where you have a number of weeks from start to finish. It’s great and I haven’t spent this long on a project for a long time. My usual briefs are approximately completed in two days, so one hundred days is super long!! It allows you to experiment more and gives you the freedom to explore with ideas and materials. For instance, I’m using gouache, where I’ve been experimenting with a variety of sized paint brushes, creating different textures from brush strokes. It will be interesting to see where this project eventually takes me! What will I end up producing? We’ll find out on the eleventh of July (final hundredth day).

I mentioned in my previous post that I intend to explore different colour combinations and try out some more sophisticated palettes. Well, I’ve done just that in week two. It’s actually good fun and I’d like to try darker colours for week three. Although, I have spent more than one hour on some of the pieces. I think as I approach half way, I’m hoping to limit my time to just one hour. These will have to be much simpler, as backgrounds take a bit longer to produce.

Here is my, week two round-up of illustrations for the 100 Day Project #100daysoftheoceanย 

Week two round-up of illustrations for the 100 Day Project


These pieces are now with my agent and I’m looking forward to showing them to new clients for publishing.

Have a great week!

Emma Jayne x



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