Woodland card designs



Christmas is soon approaching (yeayy! – I’m such a big kid!!) and I felt very excited when I got the brief, to design a pattern with animals as the main focus. I’ve seen a few Christmas, forest animal designs on social media and really wanted to produce a set of festive, woodland card designs of my own.

My first design was a woodland pattern with deer, squirrels, foxes, owls and birds. Along with this, I chose a contemporary colour palette of warm purples, oranges, pinks and yellows, rather than traditional red and green tones. To contrast, I used a cool blue. For the second greeting card, I decided to create hand drawn text, adding in the woodland animal icons from my repeat design. In this, the main colours are aubergine and avocado green, with hints of red, orange, lilac, cream and four cool blue shades.

Taking a step back, both designs look quite different, yet sit well together as a set. If I get time, I’d like to produce a couple more patterns/illustrations to complete the whole woodland collection.


Woodland card designs

Here are my woodland card designs



Next time, I’ll show you more Christmas designs, based from the ’12 days of Christmas’. I’m up to day four at the moment, so I have quite a few more to go till the twelve day of Christmas!


Have a good week… and til next time!

Emma Jayne x