World Whale Day


Happy World Whale Day!

If you follow me on instagram or any other forms of social media, you’ll know I love to draw sea-life. I’ve drawn a variety of whales and want to share with you a selection that I have illustrated over the years, fitting in nicely with World Whale Day.

World Whale Day


One of my illustrations is featured on the Greenpeace blog – Whale and ship. I’m on there with great company too! This is the illustration that is featured on the blog.

There’s something majestic and beautiful about the ocean and whales, in particular, are quite awe-inspiring. They are fascinating creatures and scientific research demonstrates that whales enhance the ocean ecosystem. It’s so sad that their numbers are decreasing due to commercial whaling, climate change, overcrowded shipping lanes and pollution.

To find out more and support issues associated with the ocean, you can go to WWF and Greenpeace.

Emma Jayne x

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